Through makeup and brow sculpting it is Suzie Moldavon’s goal to help every client radiate beauty from the inside out.  Renowned for her ability to create a flawless face, Suzie’s work has been pictured in People, Emmy, TantalumBlur Art, Cinder, Working Woman and the book cover of “Dirty, Sexy, Politics” by Meghan McCain.  It’s no wonder celebs like Lady Gaga, Larry King and Meghan McCain trust her with their on-camera faces.  Suzie has done red carpet makeup for the AcademyAwards, SAG Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Grammy’s, Emmy's and the annual GQ Man of the Year party.  She has been hired for numerous appearances on The Tonight Show,The View, The Talk, Good Morning America, Chelsea Lately, Real Time with Bill Maher and The Rachel Maddow Show, to name a few.  As a child who loved to color, to this day she is still doing what she always loved, just on a three dimensional canvas.  

When she's not busy making people beautiful for television and special events, Suzie is busy making people beautiful for every day… Suzie runs her own mobile waxing business where, in this age of overbooked schedules and under-prioritized beauty regimes, she brings the ‘errand’ to you.  Suzie goes in to companies and groups of 5 or more with her waxing and tinting supplies, and does her magic while you work!  No more wasted lunch hours or endless searching for parking in Beverly Hills. Among her regular clients are Conde Nast Publishing, Time Inc., Hearst Publications, Twitter, Bebe corporate, Guess corporate, Betty Mae Casting, CBS Television, Loews Hotels, Jack Morton Worldwide Marketing and the Cheerleaders & Sororities at USC and UCLA.  As sculpted brows are every season’s greatest facial accessory, many turn to Suzie to keep them arched to perfection.  
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